Pacific Spirit Quilters' Guild

Where Quilters Gather in Burnaby

This year, the Pacific Spirit Quilters' Guild is celebrating its
30th birthday! 

Started in 1991 at the New Vista Care Home, the Pacific Spirit Quilters' Guild is a not for profit society.

Its purpose is to:

a.  make quilts and related items, that will be donated to other organizations within the community that deal with the victims of accident or misfortune. These items are to be passed along through these organizations at no cost to the recipients.

b. to provide and promote the education and enjoyment of quilting.

Guild Activities

Annual activities in support of the organization's purpose & to provide a bit of fun along the way.
Comfort Quilts

We make quilts for Burnaby Family Life, Burnaby General Hospital, Burnaby  Public Health,     St Michael's Centre and Hospice.

Each year, two Saturdays are available for members to get together and make Comfort Quilts. 

Batting is provided to complete Comfort Quilts by PSQG.

Field Trips

Quilting can happen everywhere.

In the past, we have gone on a Shop Hop, to the offices of Burnaby Family Life and to the Delta Hospice Society to quilt. 

We volunteer at the Burnaby Heritage Village to share our love of quilting with visitors.

Workshops and Sew Alongs

On the third Saturday of each month, except March, July and August, we offer members the opportunity to take workshops or participate in a Sew Along.

During a Sew Along, members can sew Comfort Quilts of sew for themselves.

Quilt Expo

On the first Saturday of  March, PSQG hosts a Quilt Expo at Edmond Community Centre.

It is an opportunity for members and the community to share quilts and quilting. 

Members can share their quilts, demonstrate quilting techniques, work with community members teaching quilting skills, and sell quilting related materials. 


Membership Benefits


Opportunities to be actively involved in Guild activities and to share quilts with other quilters and our community.

Monthly Meetings

Attend regular monthly meetings with Zoom meetings between the regular meetings. Share what you have been working on at Show and Tell. Learn something new during the Program.

Monthly Newsletters

Stay up to date with what the Guild is doing. Newsletters are emailed monthly to all members.

Workshops and Sew Alongs

The third Saturday of each month at Edmonds Community Centre, except March, July and August, PSQG offers quilting workshops for a minimum fee or a Sew Along to work on Comfort Quilts or members own quilting projects.


Quilt Expo

Guild members have the opportunity to participate in our Quilt Expo held on the first Saturday of March.

Social Activities

December and January potlucks and activities. Retreats. Field trips. Volunteering opportunities at Burnaby Heritage Village.

Membership Fees

Membership Year:  September 1 - August 31

Membership Fee FY22:  $50

Any member joining after February 1 will be charged $25 for the remainder of the year.

Guests are welcome to attend one meeting for free prior to joining the Guild.

Membership Security

Members are requested to sign a waiver allowing their name and information to be shared amongst other members. ONLY members have access to this information through our Members' Only portal. Members are also requested to sign a waiver to allow photos of themselves and their quilts to be published in our newsletters and on our website. 

2021-2022 Calendar


September 9       AGM  ZOOM Meeting 

October 14          ZOOM Meeting - Nicholas Turcan

November 4        

December 9        Christmas Dinner at Amarosa Pasta                                        House 6:30pm

January 13          ZOOM Meeting - Organizing the                                               Orphanage

 February 10       Hearts, Hearts, Hearts - A ZOOM                                            Sew-Along

March 10.             Tesselations - Bart Braun ZOOM

April 14.           TBA

May 12.      TBA

June 9                    Potluck Social and Elections


September 18      Workshop Rescheduled                                      Dee's Popsicle Stand - Bart Braun - ZOOM

October TBA           Jackets, Coats &                  Quilted  Garments  with Nicholas Turcan

November 11 to 14       SHOP HOP field trip

December              NO Workshop


January 22         Sew along   on ZOOM

February 26     Lonestar Block - Inez Strongquill                                               On ZOOM

March 5              Quilt Expo has been CANCELLED

March 19           Bowties (A Piecing Workshop) -                                                 Bart   Braun on ZOOM       

April 23     Road Trip to Carola's in Chilliwack

May 21.     TBA

June                           NO Workshop

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Feel free to reach out with any questions about our organization, membership or anything you can't find an answer to on our website.
We look forward to hearing from you!
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